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CNN International The fashion model's guide to Milan

 CNN International The fashion model's guide to Milan.

Traditional sources all, commonly used by travelers seeking local information.

But Italy's fashion capital of Milan is no common city.

In a place that feels more like one big catwalk, swarming with models, the best guides to the city are those closest to the fabulous action.

That's why we asked a panel of local glamour gurus to fashion a tour of the best places in Milan to get close to the beauty.


Models don't do huge meals.

So forget massive platters of spaghetti and pizza.

Lopatina and her pals often hang out at Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club (Via Luigi Camoens; +39 02 311 817, from €15), which serves snack plates of traditional Italian at a Michelin-star level.

Specialties include raw Sicilian tuna; mozzarella and cream burrata with tomato carpaccio; flatfish fillet in olives; and lobster and artichoke pasta.

"It's a nice place to hang out with bella gente, nice looking and elegant people," says Lopatina. "You can have cocktails, dine and even party. Stay the whole night."
Silvia Marchetti 


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